Our approach is simple, its to restore our mental & physical health, & resilience by working with our own mind & bodies existing physiology to strengthen & build true resilience from within.


Using mindfulness skills & yoga principles of conscious gentle movement, breath tools & focus we can live more with a calm, clear focussed mind & relaxed but strong body.

People today are under enormous strain with many struggling mentally & physically.  Our bodies & mind have amazing physiological restorative powers to withstand life's pressures, but specific actions need to be taken to enable us to adjust &
bounce back.

When we live more mindfully in the moment, we are more aware & alert earlier to life's external stressors & the internal signals of stress & discomfort. We are then able to implement our specific Restore resilience tools to help manage our discomfort in real time at home or at work.

We explain in plain language the human anatomy involved in our techniques, outline specific movement, breath & focus methods. These may take as little as 3 to 30 minutes to trigger the bodies restoration process and most can be practiced anywhere, anytime.


In all courses & some workshops we supply take away detailed notes (illustrated where needed) & audio recordings to help participants practice in their own time.




ph: 0419 501792
e: info@restore.net.au

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