Our principle teacher & course creator Adrian is an established Dru yoga teacher, Nidra guided meditation & Mindfulness facilitator.

Before this transition he spent decades in very high pressure corporate sales roles & his own retail / wholesale business, always feeling there must be a less stressful way to live: physically exhausted & mentally stressed, feeling was it worth it & what are the alternatives?

Looking around at society he saw many people, no matter what they did in life seemed to be in the same stress boat.


With 20 + years of searching, learning & experiences, Adrian created Restore. Now running workshops & courses covering subjects & curriculum to help others to learn the basic science & practical tools to live with more clarity, less stress & resilient bodies.

Outlining the education & tools in a plain language & practical fashion for students to use at home or work... to then be better able to enjoy their current lives, but with less exhaustion & constant mental stress.


ph: 0419 501792
e: info@restore.net.au

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